Our business segments

Bridging international

We support you in your development and provide valuable advices on international exchanges of products and services.

Bridging's areas of expertise includes international purchasing, industrial representation and operational services abroad.

Bridging S&O

You are expanding your activity internationally and you would like to organize your operational management systems accordingly ? We can help you smooth the process.

Bridging offers you practiced management skills (including QSE, CSR) and far-reaching experience with multi-sites and multi-national organizations.

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How Bridging can help you ?

Are you ready to expand your company internationally to take advantage of customers and suppliers market opportunities, technologies and innovations ?

Expanding your company’s geographic area of sales, purchasing or production is not whitout risk. This evolution must be carefull prepared, planned and carried out in a secure manner. Bridging’s primary contribution is in guiding your future projects and / or optimizing existing operations, and bringing you closer to your distant partners and suppliers.

We facilitate the deployment of your international development strategy. We assist your team in its internationalization to improve your company’s performance. Bridging will personalize its servies according to your specific needs in business skills or resources. Our solutions and recommendations are custom-design to be incorporated into the core of your processes.

We offer you our technical support, our international management experience, our skills in purchasing, quality, supply-chain and multi-sites / multinational organizations.