Management systems

A company’s performance fits in its organization’s ability to resonate its context, vision, strategy, processes and practices.

Emerged and emerging social and societal issues broaden the requirements taken into account by usual QSE management systems, both in terms of strategic and operational management.

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QSE Management systems

The relevance of strategic management and the flexibility and robustness of operational management are the keystones of a company capable of achieving sustainable performance.

These organizations can be built in compliance with QSE standards or in application of their own management system and culture. The human factor adds complexity in a multi-site, multi-national, multi-cultural context.

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Integration of QSE systems

Security, environment, ethics, … are no longer partisan approaches. Driven by social and societal challenges, new aspects are becoming requirements just as much as those relating to customer satisfaction.

Management systems must be shaped or changed to integrate these different components into strategic and operational processes simply, quickly and efficiently.

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Strategic management – Process

Strategic management consists first of all in defining development axes according to the vision of the manager and the context of the company.

After analyzing the internal strengths and weaknesses, the orientations will be deployed in the operational processes with the necessary means and resources, indicators and survey.

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Operational management – Process

Effective business processes are major to ensure sustainable results to the company. Whether vertical or cross, these processes are defined and evolve according to the strategic orientations of the company.

Composed of “linked” activities, individually or collectively measurable, the processes will have their structure, organization and practices optimized through various continuous improvement techniques.

Multisite organization – Convergence plan

By external growth, decentralization, acquisitions, competitiveness,
Multi-site organizations have specific issues often articulated around themes such as, the distribution of responsibilities, the convergence of processes, the delegation strategy and control, internal customer / supplier management, corporate versus corporatism.

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