Multisite organization – Convergence plan

Complex locally, multi-site management can become complicated in an international context if geographical and cultural distances are not taken into account.
The expansion of the geographical scope of the company is mainly related to the needs of growth, complementarity, presence or competitiveness of the company.

When integrating a satellite unit, the strategic functions remain centralized. The unit created or absorbed takes back all or part of the operational processes (administrative function, production function, etc.).

In this context, it is important to define the level of autonomy of the added structure, the responsibilities and authorities and to establish measures of its performance.

In the case of autonomous structures called to work in synergy, it is a matter of making effectively work all the companies having a context, a culture, an identity, organizations, … which can be originally different or even antagonistic.

The effectiveness and efficiency of this structure is directly linked to the clarification of a globally validated global policy and a coherent strategic deployment. Operational processes may be different unless standards of practice are established.

Bridging will carry out a multi-site diagnosis based on the structural and organizational vision of the company. With you, we will make a list of real and potential differences in management processes and operational processes.

Through convergence plans, we will offer you short-term actions and road maps allowing harmonization on sites for maximum efficiency.


We work openly and in complete confidentiality in a responsible framework.


Your objectives and specificities guide us in choosing, adapted and lasting operational solutions.


Regardless of our level of involvement, our solutions are designed to suit your projects and adapt to your culture.


We implement and support your initiatives for improvement or dissolution. We constantly analyze our own effectiveness to ensure that your goals are fully achieved.

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