Operational purchases

What are termed operational purchases (whether in the project phase or in the series phase) extend from the analysis of the need to the reporting (the famous KPI), obviously including the actual purchase itself.

Today, supplier selection decisions are no longer distinct from operational purchases.

Bridging experts can assist you in :

Formalizing the expression of needs (writing the specifications)
Objective cost design
Research for suppliers and / or providers (see Suppliers research point)
Overseeing “Make” or “Make by” analyses
Managing your panel of suppliers (classification, risk analysis, follow-up, etc.)
Implementing indicators (measuring purchasing performance)

To meet your special daily needs, Bridging can do the following :

  • Advance your buyers’ skills
  • Coach your buyers
  • Provide resources, in your offices, enabling you to manage peak demand


We work openly and in complete confidentiality in a responsible framework.


Your objectives and specificities guide us in choosing, adapted and lasting operational solutions.


Regardless of our level of involvement, our solutions are designed to suit your projects and adapt to your culture.


We implement and support your initiatives for improvement or dissolution. We constantly analyze our own effectiveness to ensure that your goals are fully achieved.

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