Central Europe

With the support of our partner based in WROCLAW, Bridging operates in all European countries, in order to allow you a fast access to an European price competitiveness.

Whether it is in a context of research of productivity or in a wish of re-continentalization of your extra european purchases, we adapt our approach to your strategy.

Bridging works with your operational teams to incorporate your explicit and implicit requirements.

We research and select the most suitable suppliers to meet your needs, taking the context, the environment and the possibilities offered by each European area into account.

We transcribe your requirements in your suppliers’ organisations, products and process and we ensure their respect.

We organize the relocation of purchases.

Depending on the desired performances, we implement the development and continuous improvement plans necessary to obtain them.

If necessary, we intervene as quickly as possible with your supplier to guarantee your interests in emergency situations.

Purchasing activities

– Supplier market study
– Supplier research
– Purchase project management
– Operational purchasing
– Import logistics
– Relocation of purchases in Europe


– Supplier evaluation
– Product qualification management
– Process qualification management
– Process audits / Outgoing Quality Control
– Performances management
– Crisis management


We work openly and in complete confidentiality in a responsible framework.


Your objectives and specificities guide us in choosing, adapted and lasting operational solutions.



Regardless of our level of involvement, our solutions are designed to suit your projects and adapt to your culture.


We implement and support your initiatives for improvement or dissolution. We constantly analyze our own effectiveness to ensure that your goals are fully achieved.