Deployment of the purchasing strategy

It’s about answering the following questions : Where to go, how to go and with what means ?

The development of a purchasing strategy is based on 3 analysis :

  • Portfolio segmentation (ABC rank, etc.)
  • Internal need analysis Quantitative and qualitative knowledge of each category of purchases
  • Suppliers market analysis (suppliers position vs the market, considering supplier risks)

The experts at Bridging are able to support you in every phase of this process.

Bridging also offers you to :

  • Increase the skills of your buyers
  • Coach your buyers
  • Make resources available on your premises to help you get through peak periods of activity


We work openly and in complete confidentiality in a responsible framework.


Your objectives and specificities guide us in choosing, adapted and lasting operational solutions.



Regardless of our level of involvement, our solutions are designed to suit your projects and adapt to your culture.


We implement and support your initiatives for improvement or dissolution. We constantly analyze our own effectiveness to ensure that your goals are fully achieved.