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The multi-technology world and the requirements of this industrial sector requires economically efficient and technically value-creating suppliers.

Whatever the stage of the purchasing process in which we are involved, our project managers, who come from this environment, naturally integrate these constraints and give you the benefit of their experience and their knowledge of the European and Asian supplier network.

Household appliances

With its diversity of models, range levels and ongoing technical developments, all in an ultra-competitive environment, purchasing processes in this sector must be agile, responsive and efficient. 

Our geographical, technical and cultural proximity to your existing and potential suppliers provides you a solution that is adapted to this context. Our operational services, our approach to customer/ supplier relations and our operations management capabilities allow our clients to focus on their core business.


The vast number of applications in the medical sector requires knowledge of a wide network of reliable suppliers delivering high quality products.

The rapid delivery of often limited stocks and the assurance of the lowest possible total cost of ownership are added to the quality and regulatory requirements.

Bridging’s business lines enable us to integrate all of these constraints to guide strategic and operational choices and thus optimise your purchases.

Other sectors

Railways, chemicals, plastics, electronics, wood, food, aeronautics, etc.

Industry is full of companies specialising in the production of goods and services.

International purchases are a source of economic and technological opportunities.