Bridging Solutions

Business Commitment


We help you to implement your CSR/ Responsible Purchasing policy.

We engage with you on advanced and alternative purchasing practices to those considered too socially and environmentally impactful. 

To anticipate new societal and environmental challenges, 

Our team:

  • Assess your purchasing strategy in terms of management of the risks and ESG impacts.
  • Propose actions to go beyond ESG compliance (excellence approach) and thus develop your social responsibility. 
  • Deploys your CSR expectations with your suppliers.

Advanced purchasing 

Based on an analysis of each purchasing category, we :

  • Propose advanced purchasing techniques
  • Support the deployment of action plans associated with each of these practices
  • Build up your teams’ skills
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Bridging respects the principles of the UN Global Compact in terms of human and labour rights, the environment and anti-corruption, and integrates them both internally and in the projects it is entrusted with.

(*) The European Commission defines Corporate Social Responsibility as the voluntary integration of social and ecological concerns into a company’s commercial activities and relations with its suppliers.

(*) Definition of Sustainable Development : “ a development mode that meets the needs of generations present without compromising the capacity of future generations to meet their own needs.