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Outgoing/ quality control

Outgoing/ quality control

Outgoing or Pre-Shipment Inspection is a quality feature that addresses several situations such as:

  • Ensuring that potential defects are detected at the supplier’s site before shipment and not at the user’s site
  • To guarantee the conformity of products before payment.
  • Providing an additional guarantee of conformity during a first series production
  • Verify that corrective or improvement actions have been effectively applied

Our inspectors will check your products 100% or according to the ANSI standard statistical sampling procedure (ISO 2859-1).

The validation criteria are established with you and cover: functionality, performance, general appearance or dimensions.

In case of non-conformities or doubts, our teams will work in real time with yours.

Outgoing by Bridging

The advantages

1) Independent Quality Controls

2) The ability to intervene anywhere in Asia

3) A capacity of fast and flexible interventions

4) Control plans defined with your teams

5) Detailed inspection reports

6) Pre-analysis of non-conformities

7) Interactive decision making with your teams