Bridging Solutions

Supply securing


An international operation is a transversal internal act involving a distant partner.

With the opportunities offered by the internationalization of purchases, come various risks which need to be managed.

Bridging will help you manage these risks by intervening internally and with your partners, in prevention or in security.

The internationalisation of your operations and organisations acts as a revealer of your strenghts and weaknesses regarding your external partnerships.

Outgoing/ quality control

Outgoing inspection allows you to check the quality of the product at your supplier factory. Our quality technicians implement inspection protocols adapted to your products and requirements. They carry out or supervise the required inspections with, if necessary, the support of certification bodies (CE, TUV, UL, etc.). 

Suppliers evaluation/ development

Every lasting partnership involves an intertwining of strategic and operational processes. Assesing a supplier means evaluating the risks and opportunities inherent in this partnership and initiating the necessary development and convergence plans.

Product/ process qualification plan

Between the supplier’s selection and the production kick-off, the activities of products and processes compliance upgrades with the client’s take place.

Product/ process audit

Ultimate validation and security tool, the product/ supplier audit is carried out at the production kick-off and then more regularly, to apply strategic supplier monitoring plans, or as a control to apply the prevention and correction measures following an incident.

Performances management

Mastering the results and performances trends is the basis for the strategic and operational management of the suppliers’ panel. Improvement and prevention tool, it serves as the basis for consolidating a lasting partnership.