Bridging Solutions

Operational purchases

Operational purchases

The purchasing process involves both strategic and operational activities.

The operational aspects concern a set of activities ranging from the expression of needs to performance management. 

Bridging can assist you in :

  • Formalizing the expession of needs
  • Objective cost design
  • Search for suppliers and/ or providers
  • Overseeing “make” or “make by” analyses¬†
  • Executing the operational activities (qualification, consultation, contractualisation and securing)
  • Managing your panel of suppliers¬† (classification, risk analysis, follow-up, etc.)
  • Implementing indicators¬†(measuring purchasing performance)¬†
  • Managing continuous improvement plans

To meet your special daily needs, Bridging can do the following:

  • Advance your buyer’s skills
  • Coach your buyers¬†
  • Performing operational services¬†
  • Provide resources, in your offices, enabling you to manage peak demand¬†