Bridging Solutions

The company


Created in 2014, Bridging is a Vendée Signes’s brand, company specialized in international operations.

  • Headquarters and offices in Le Poiré-sur-Vie, Vendée, 40 minutes from the south of Nantes
  • For Asia, two bridging’s team in Shenzhen and Hangzhou (China) and one partner in New Delhi (India) 
  • For Europe, one partner based in Wroclaw (Poland)
  • A network of experts and services across France and worldwide
  • A network of qualified and established multi-technology suppliers

Bridging is led by two business experts from the automotive and home appliance application.

Thierry GUICHET - Co founder of Bridging
  • International technical purchasing professional
  • 23 years of experience in multinationals
  • Management of large, complex, multi-technology portfolios, always in competitve environments
  • Specialized in electronic & electrical components, plastic parts and raw materials (plastic & aluminium) 
  • Management of multinational and multicultural teams
Pierre-Vincent COOLS - Co founder of Bridging
  • 25 years of profssional experience in Production, Quality and Purchasing
  • 8 years as an industrial auditor in Asia and Europe, in the main technological sectors
  • Expert in management models and optimization of organizations and practices
  • Specialized in multi-site, multi-national environments
pierre vincent cools bridging