Bridging Solutions

Product/ process audit

Product/ process audit

Ultimate validation and security tool, the product audit consists of verifying the conformity of a product or service with a bill of specifications or with a acknowledged initial sample. 

Bridging will adapt the audit methods and techniques to the context, the industrial sector of activity and the scope to be audited (Q,S,E)

Bridging intervenes mainly in France, Europe, Asia, Maghreb, etc.


The supplier audits  carried out by Bridging to ensure the existence and reliability of the means necessary to control the conformity of products and processes. 

  • In the project phase, the supplier audit will focus on the management of the client’s requirements and preventives actions
  • At series start-up or during supply cycles, the supplier audit allows checking the quality devices planned throughout the manufacturing process
  • The supplier audit allows the closure of corrective action plans or continuous improvement plans