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Purchasing diagnostic

Purchasing diagnostic

Following a contextualisation process, the purchasing diagnosis is based on an assessment of your organisation, its performance, its methods and tools, according to a five-asis reference system.

Bridging‘s purchasing experts will provide you with a RADAR analysis of your purchasing process and establish a link between your organisation and your results. 

Our repository includes 5 axes of analysis :

  • Internal and external negotiating power
  • QCD performance and social & environmental performance
  • Competitive sourcing 
  • Risk analysis and supplier integration
  • Purchasing tools and methods (design to cost, standardisation, etc.)

The diagnosis will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your organization with respect to the issues you are facing.

Bridging will formulate recommendations and you will then have all the levers you need to improve the overall performance of your purchasing department.

Depending on your wishes, Bridging can partially or totally support you in the implementation of your action plans.