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The responsible purchasing is based on two concepts:

1 -The concept of « needs » of the enterprise in order to ensure is economic sustainability

2 -The concept of « limiting the negative impact of the company » on the environment, people and the society.

We help you to assess and improve your environmental and social performance of your current and future suppliers. Demonstrate your commitment to limiting your impacts and those of the partners you engage.

ESG criteria ANGLAIS

To limit and optimise your social and environmental impacts, 

Our auditors and auditors in France and worldwild:

  • Assess your suppliers against the 10 funtamentals Global Compact.
  • Assess the operational control of your supplier’s environmental and social performance
  • Propose programmes to improve the environmental and social governance of your suppliers.
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Bridging respects the principles of the UN Global Compact in terms of human and labour rights, the environment and anti-corruption, and integrates them both internally and in the projects it is entrusted with.

(*) Definition of Sustainable Development : “ a development mode that meets the needs of generations present without compromising the capacity of future generations to meet their own needs.