Bridging Solutions

Central Europe


With the help of our partner in Wroclaw, Bridging operates in all European countries, so that you can easily take advantage of European pricing.

We offer a range of solutions tailored to your needs, whether you are working on the development of productivity or looking to re-contain your extra-European purchases.

Many companies are looking to reoganise their supply chains and considering relocation to Europe.

Because of their natural integration of technical, legal and fiscal standards, countries of Central Europe represents a real alternative to distant supplies. An additional advantage is their cultural proximity that facilitates exchanges between business partners.

But for many technological or economic reasons, not everything can be relocated immediatly. 

Bridging and its partner entity in Wroclaw (Poland) support you in your new procurement strategy in France and in Europe. 


Our intervention area in Central Europe

Our partner based in Wroclaw can intervene throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

How can the Central Europe team of Bridging gives you an advantage ?

Market survey

•Allow a permanent technological watch

• Understand and anticipate market evolutions

•Analyse and compare market opportunities at full cost

Buying or relocating in Central Europe

•Management of purchasing projects

• “Make or Buy” analysis

•”Standardisation/ simplification” approach 

•”Redesign to Cost” approach

•”Total cost of ownership” approach

•”Total cost of acquisition” approach


•Verify supplier suitability – ensure supplier development

•Coordinate locally the development of projects

•Verify product conformity before series launch 

Series & Securing

•Consolidate the relationship with the supplier

•Intervene on site in case of difficulties 

•Check the effectiveness of action plans