Bridging Solutions



Thanks to our teams based in Shenzhen and Hangzhou, Bridging offers you all the advantages of proximity by reducing the geographic, organisational, technical and cultural gaps.

With a cross cultural team of purchasing and quality specialists, our team in China is a local extension of our team in France.

Being close to you and to your suppliers has all benefits of proximity : Representation of operational services, ease of integration and communication of your requirements, rapid intervention, promote agility, monitoring & support, develop economic & technical intelligence.

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How can the Chinese team of Bridging help you ?

Market research

  • Allow a permanent technology intelligence
  • Understand and predict market evolution
  • Facilitate access to Asian Market

Selection & securing

  • Present a real/ factual picture of the supplier
  • Represent your interests
  • Be your eyes and ears
  • Evaluate supplier risks in situ

Project & securing

  • Transfer your project requirements
  • Monitor the progress of projects through our local team
  • Verifiy product conformity before scale up

Series & securing

  • Consolidate the relationship with the supplier
  • Solve on-site problems
  • Check actions plans efficiency

Where do the Bridging China teams operate ?

Shenzhen Team : South China & South East Asia

Hangzhou Team : North China, Japan & South Korea


Market research
Supplier Pre selection
Supplier Evaluation
Technology Awarness


Project management
Performance management


Process control
Planning monitoring
Supply securing


Product/process conformity
Audits/ quality controls
Risks management and problem solving
Continuous improvement

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