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Managerial excellence

Managerial excellence

Management systems are built around the notion of compliance with regulations, customer requirements or other stakeholders expectations.

In a competitive and mature environment, this compliance with standards is no longer a differentiating factor.

The aim of managerial excellence is to go beyond the natural limits inherent in standards. It enables organizations capable of ensuring overall and sustainable performance for the company.

With the EFQM 2020 model as a reference, Bridging will help you to reinvent organisations that are adapted, agile, taking into account new challenges and new practices.

After a diagnosis of the results and existing organizations, “vision projects” will first be deployed to ensure coherence between the organizations and the strategic development axes¬†of the company.

The organizations will then be described in respect of 8 fundamental principles (see image opposite).

The company is leaving the ISO culture to adopt a clean, adapted and unifying culture.