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Operational excellence

Operational excellence

Operational excellence comprises a set of practices and tools that provide a mindset oriented towards continuous improvement.

It calls upon recognized methodologies, is fed by intra or inter-company benchmarking approaches or by the creativity of think tanks.

Bridging and its partner put at your disposal :

  • A set of methods and practices, each of which is designed to control the performance of an activity by redefining it, treating its dysfunctions or reducing its variability and losses (5S, Ishikawa, Hoshin, SMED, TQM, SPC, 5why, Kpi , Score-cards‚Ķ)
  • Their practical experience of the more formal approaches involving individuals and organizations (Lean, 6 sigma, TPS…) in order to:
    • Analyze performance
    • Deploy appropriate practices and tools
    • Measuring the evolution of performance
    • Manage continuous improvement


We work openly and in complete confidentiality in a responsible framework.


Your objectives and specificities guide us in choosing, adapted and lasting operational solutions.



Regardless of our level of involvement, our solutions are designed to suit your projects and adapt to your culture.


We implement and support your initiatives for improvement or dissolution. We constantly analyze our own effectiveness to ensure that your goals are fully achieved.