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A company’s performance depends on its organization’s ability to resonate with its context, vision, strategy, processes and practices.

Emerging and emerging social and societal issues broaden the requirements to be taken into account by management systems, whether at the level of strategic management or operational management of your company.

Bridging provides you with the advice and services you need!

Q,S,E governance

Driven by the rapid evolution of technologies, the increased need for efficiency and agility, new social and societal expectations and in a context of internationalization of customers and suppliers, the Quality-Safety-Environment management systems have evolved.

Today, they enable performance management in the 3 areas and deploy QSE objectives in all hierarchical layers of the company.

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Multisite organization

A multi-site organization is a particular environment where the fragmentation of responsibilities in geographically or culturally distant activities generates losses of efficiency and even conflicts.

Coherence or convergence plans then complement the local management systems.

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