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CSR Approach

CSR approach

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is about making sustainable development a fundamental principle of a company’s operations.

It must be integrated both at the strategic level in the company’s overall vision and at the operational level.

Bridging and its CSR partner support your CSR commitment:

  • Diagnosis of the existing situation and initiation of the CSR project
  • Social and Environmental Audit
  • Identification, positioning and involvement of stakeholders
  • CSR policy (ISO26000, labels, major deployment axes, etc.)
  • Strengths and weaknesses of organizations and challenges of of CSR policy deployment
  • Objectives and management of the means and resources associated with the CSR project

An organization that has a QSE management system, complete or partial, has the managerial culture and structure necessary to facilitate the deployment of an approach integrating Social Responsibility.

Using this QSE governance to carry the CSR approach allows you to keep the coherence of your actions and to accelerate the deployment of your CSR policy.