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Q,S,E governance

Q,S,E governance

Driven by the rapid evolution of technologies, the increased need for efficiency and agility, new social and societal expectations and in a context of internationalization of customers and suppliers, the Quality-Safety-Environment management systems have evolved.

Today, they enable performance management in the 3 areas and deploy QSE objectives in all hierarchical layers of the company.

Bridging supports you in the creation of a Quality-Safety-Environment management system based on:

  • ISO 9000, ISO 14000, ISO 45000 standards
  • Open management models (EFQM type)
  • A systemic version of your own culture

Bridging improves your management system by integrating the challenges of new versions of standards, such as :

  • A better analysis of the context and stakeholders‘ expectations
  • Increased control of risks and opportunities
  • Operational management in line with the company’s strategic challenges
  • Integrating environment and safety into managerial processes
  • Effective and sustainable partnerships with your suppliers