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Throwack on Bridging’s trip to India

On February 9, Thierry GUICHET, manager in charge of international Bridging activities, flew for a week to India.

The objectives of this trip
– Develop our partnership on site
– Visit potential suppliers
– Meet key institutions

We had the pleasure of meeting several companies in different technological sectors. The goal was to discover those with the most potential in order to develop our network of approved suppliers.

It is important for us to trust the suppliers we offer. Traveling ourselves to meet them is an undeniable step to gain the trust of our customers.

Indo-French CCI
Federation of Indian Export Organisations

 Exchanging with these two institutions was an important step in our trip. This allowed us, first of all, to increase our visibility in India while expanding our network. It was also about updating our knowledge of the Indian market to facilitate customer-supplier exchanges. To communicate well, you need to know your interlocutor.

Contact us if you would like us to provide one of the following services in India:

– Suppliers research
– Management of purchasing projects
– Optimization of transport and logistics
– Supplier evaluation / ensuring
– Help with setting up
– Industrial representation
– Recruitment
– Learning expedition
– Multisite / Multinational Organization

India: a land of opportunities

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