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Support / Assistance

Boosting international growth, by exporting or by setting up business in a new location, is a vector for changes which may well also present new challenges.

Starting with product design, through to production, distribution and ending with after-sales services, the company’s internal organization and activities must evolve in order to enable them to respond quickly and effectively to the specific characteristics of the targeted market.

Help getting established

The process of setting up a business abroad (creating a subsidiary, a joint-venture or simply a representative office) is a complicated undertaking. One of the first steps involves defining the targeted geographical area and studying its strengths and weaknesses (SWOT). Various factors (political and economic stability, fiscal policy, cultural particularities, etc.) must be carefully considered. The success of your business set-up will greatly depend on the quality of the employees, whether assigned from the home office or recruited locally. The performance of the new business will also depend on its internal organization and its relationship with headquarters.

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Operational assistance with export

Export operations extend far beyond the marketing, sales and finance departments.

All of your company’s structures will be impacted. New products or processes will have to be created or modified, new flows will need to be managed, etc.. while maintaining direct or indirect competitiveness. Export requires new skills and outlooks: competence in language, international business, transport, and multicultural transactions.

As the strategic decision to export bears considerable impact its operational consequences should be carefully managed.

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