Bridging Solutions

Bridging’s presentation to the International Ouest Club (IOC)

For the club’s final Purchasing Workshop before the summer break, Thierry GUICHET and Pierre-Vincent COOLS from Bridging explored the theme of « Supplier Risk Management ».

Rich content was presented concerning a very technical subject. After identifiying the risks related to purchases, an in-depth analysis is performed in order to eliminate, minimize, shift or accept the inherent risk.

The buyer then establishes an action plan to ensure proper management and follow-up. First and foremost the important and strategic rôle of the « Purchasing department » in the company was examined. This rôle entails defining a purchasing policy, of course, but alos setting up relationships with the other departments in the company and by collaborating internally and externally.

Its contribution to the company’s overall performance and competitiveness is considerable, entrusting buyers with new, broader responsabilities and important prerogatives.

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