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S&O International

S&O International

An international operation is a transversal internal act involving a distant partner.

With the opportunities offered by the internationalization of purchases, come various risks which need to be managed.

Bridging will help you manage these risks by intervening internally and with your partners, in prevention or in security.

The internationalisation of your operations and organisations acts as a revealer of your strengths and weaknesses regarding your external partnerships.

Ensuring supplies

Context, strategy and organisation are vectors of deviations and risks for your international operations. Ensuring supplies amount to assessing the risks to establish the necessary prevention and security plans.

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Suppliers evaluation/development

Every lasting partnership involves an intertwining of strategic and operational processes. Assessing a supplier means evaluating the risks and opportunities inherent in this partnership and initiating the necessary development and convergence plans.

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Qualification product process

Between the supplier’s selection and the production kick-off, the activities of products and processes compliance upgrades with the client’s take place.

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Product / Supplier Audit

Ultimate validation and security tool, the product/supplier audit is carried out at the production kick-off and then more regularly, to apply strategic supplier monitoring plans, or as a control to apply the prevention and correction measures following an incident.

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Suppliers performances

Mastering the results and performances trends is the basis for the strategic and operational management of the suppliers’ panel. Improvement and prevention tool, it serves as the basis for consolidating a lasting partnership.

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Multicultural organizations

A multicultural relationship implies bringing individuals or groups of people to work together efficiently even if they have divergent worldviews and different ways of expressing them. As these differences are unavoidable, they must be dealt with.

Also, according to the particular contexts, solutions to problems take different forms culturally speaking, which are obtained using different approaches, methods or tools. Multicultural business is above all a matter of considering that a lasting partnership is built around individuals who understand each other without disavowing their respective cultures.

Multinational organizations

Multinational organizations face specific challenges including areas such as: the chain of responsibilities, the convergence of processes, the delegation of authority and control strategy, internal customer / supplier management, with the particular difficulties engendered by geographical and cultural distances.

A global, locally coherent strategy and clear, well-defined, recognized and accepted transnational processes are essential. Temporary or definitive coordination and monitoring cells may be required.